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mama jane
20 April 1972
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Jane-marie Kennedy"s Facebook profile

Full name: Jane-marie Catherine Kennedy Cintron
Age: 36
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Residency: Allentown, Pennsylvania
Current Occupation: Accounts Payable Tech
Future Occupation: Oscar winning director
Back-up: Fry cook
Future Desired Residency: New Zealand or Ireland
Hobbies: Music, cooking, writing, reading, spending time with friends, scaring small children, sticking up liquor stores, and raising my son to be a good man
Height: 5'10"
Weight: none of your business
Personality Type: laid back with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
Estimated IQ: 152
Nationality: Irish Catholic
Color: Green
Sign: Taurus
Lucky Numbers: 13
Favorite movie: The Adventures of Robin Hood
Favorite song: Just Like Heaven - The Cure
Favorite actor: Karl Urban
Favorite actress: Elizabeth Taylor

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User Number: 971917
Date Created:2003-03-27
Number of Posts: 30

I am Janie. That's obvious. I am not a geek. I was on my way to becoming a geek but then I realized that I was too old and already had a lot of shit in my head. So I stopped to continue to pursue my real passion, doing nothing. This doing nothing includes such activities as laying around in my pajamas, hence the name Pajama Jane, watching massive amounts of movies of different genres such as horror, comedy, drama and porn. I currently have a job that doesn't pay much but it also doesn't require much movement. I am not getting laid at all right now, but I have other things to keep me occupied.
Strengths: Good cook, writer, friend, loyal to a fault, funny, tall, nice hair
Weaknesses: Vehicular Narcolepsy, Sugar, Money (I have none), easily distracted.
Special Skills: Can type fast, Hell of a spades player, Can shoot pool well, Champion Channel changer
Weapons: Remote Control, Sharp whit
Favorite Things: flowers, movies, men, the smell of cologne, peanutbutter candy cakes, ireland, music, food

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